New Time and Attendance Service for Small Business

New time and attendance service for small business

Time is money. In today’s economy the old adage is particularly true. MinuteHound time clock software is the ultimate solution for small business attendance management. Biometric fingerprint scanner technology out performs digital models, swipe cards, and manual time cards.

The system tracks employee hours and locations. A dedicated computer is not necessary. Cloud-based to incorporate multiple locations, MinuteHound is accessible from any computer anywhere. An internet connection is the only requirement. For users, fingerprint recognition takes less than 2 seconds. A card update can increase recognition speed. This patented technology is designed to compute all facets of labor and costs. Payroll accounting systems easily receive the information. MinuteHound is an accurate, unobtrusive, and reliable component of your business setting.

Why Time and Attendance Matters So Much

A 128-bit encryption is used to transfer the vital information. Your company will experience lower monthly costs using these cloud-based systems. MinuteHound automatically provides any necessary upgrades to the program. Technical assistance is available if your staff experiences any issues.

This time clock is ideal for real-time assessment of staff location and availability. Employee fingerprints are the most reliable verification for time in or out. Fingerprint scanners decrease time-theft which costs your business money. Any lateness or other deviation from regular schedules generates an email or text message sent directly to the employee. Fingerprint data is not stored to insure security.

Stop Over Spending Labor Costs

MinuteHound does not require any onsite training. It is a simple plug and play operation. Assistance is included from the initial start-up phase until you are completely satisfied. MinuteHound Time Clock is a transparent agreement with no hidden fees. Another option is a totally cloud-based time clock. This choice eliminates the use of a scanner. This less costly system is ideal for new projects with very limited staffing. Biometric technology can be added as your business expands. Personal computers (PCs) or a mobile devices are used for logging in and out. Employees enter passwords or passphrases to record their locations and schedule revisions.

Raise your business strategies to a higher level with this user-friendly innovation. MinuteHound time clock will quickly reflect a substantial return on your investment. Paper waste is reduced significantly when this software is incorporated into the business model. MinuteHound’s YouTube video or a visit to the website will provide further information.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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