Revolutionize Your Payroll with This Simple Time Clock Solution

What Makes A Simple Time Clock so Simple!?!

Traditional employee clock-in systems are ineffective. Friends punch each other in and out all the time. This abuse costs companies thousands of payroll dollars. MinuteHound™ is a simple time clock solution that will save your company money. It will end buddy punching once and for all.

Fingerprint scanning means no one but the employee can clock themselves in or out. No more scamming the system. This simple time clock software is plug and play. Any computer with an internet connection can be used. No training is necessary, and 24-hour online support is free.

MinuteHound™ software is a cloud-based simple time clock system. It’s already making over 150,000 active users more efficient. Login over the internet through any computer or mobile device. This allows you to track attendance of your employees in real-time, no matter where they are. You can set up alerts when an employee’s login time conflicts with their scheduled shift.

The MinuteHound Simple Time Clock Is Truly That Simple

Whether a small company, or 50,000 strong, you need a simple time clock system. MinuteHound™ scales up or down seamlessly, no matter your company’s size. All it requires is a one-time purchase of a USB fingerprint scanner, and a small monthly fee. Setup is easy, and support is always available.

How To Stop Time FraudNo time cards, inventory, or storage means this simple time clock solution will save you money. All reports are available online in real time. Export the data to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel, or ASCII. This raw data can be used in your favorite payroll or attendance software. See who’s on the clock from any internet connection. Use it to boost efficiency in your company.

Secure. Simple. Savings

A patented encryption process protects your employee’s fingerprint data. Parts of the data are spread across multiple servers on different continents. Military-grade encryption fuels this simple time clock system. MinuteHound™ does not store images of your employee’s fingerprints.

If you need a simple time clock, but don’t want a fingerprint scanner, you’re covered. MinuteHound™ allows for a web-based option without a scanner. With a username and password, an employee can clock in or out from any internet device. The MinuteHound™ software records the time stamp and IP address every time, so you know your employee’s location. This simple time clock solution will eliminate fraud. Making your employees more accountable promotes honesty and integrity. MinuteHound™ is the most cost effective, efficient system available. It will pay for itself the very first day.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Simple Time Clock.

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