Why Is The Best Time Clock Ranked So High?

Minutehound Time Clock System is Safe and Economical

A business owner or manager faces multiple problems each day. An easy, intuitive time clock can streamline your office. It is worth your time to find the best time clock available. Minutehound time and attendance software is a simple yet ingenious solution to typical office problems. The system simplifies your operations by eliminating timecards or any other objects needed to clock in. Best-of-all this advanced system typically costs only pennies a day.

The Next Step in Time Clock Evolution

Minutehound time and attendance software is an update to archaic payroll practices. It uses employee’s fingerprints to record their time. No time cards. No Passwords to remember at every clock-in. Which means that managers can view attendance records in real time 24/7. It is 100% paperless and environmentally friendly. The Minutehound system is the best time clock for employees and managers/owners alike.

Why Minutehound is the Best Time Clock For Employees

MinuteHound’s technology makes clocking in a simple process for employees. All that they must do is place their finger on a scanner pad. They do not have to keep track of a time card or remember an awkward password. Minutehound uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. It is convenience and security are above reproach. It is the best time clock because it is the most secure.

Why Employers are Raving About Minutehound Software

RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyMinuteHound simplifies the complicated process of clocking in. There is no learning curve or complicated training to endure. Its technology is completely plug and play. Minutehound offers unparalleled customer support. Anytime, day or night, knowledgeable professionals will be on call to solve any difficulty. Their dedicated support earns them the honor of being the best time clock.

The Best Time Clock Saves You Money

The American Payroll Association’s research states that U.S businesses lose approximately $148 billion a year due to inefficient time and attendance accounting. Many professionals contend that the Minutehound system is the best time clock available because it pays for itself. A typical company realizes a %2,300 return on investment when they switch to Minutehound. It saves thousands of dollars that can be much better spent in other areas.

Minutehound has successfully become the best time clock on the market. The technology makes attendance accounting easier than ever. The system makes fraud almost impossible and saves companies thousands of dollars a year.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Best Time Clock.

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