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Why Time and Attendance Matters

The common misconception for a business owner is the exacts costs relating to in-house. In just about every case, employee/labor related costs far exceed any other expense. However, it is typically the area a business owner overlooks. Going cheap and using paper timesheets are not only worthless, but it will cost more in the end. Employees will never cheat themselves. Employees will cover for their friends and pad their hours. Even the most reliable and honest ones don’t lose sleep over adding 10 minutes to their time. They work hard, why not right? Well, the business owner is the one who has to pay for it. The average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour shift. Add that up by how many employees you have. You could fly to Europe 1st class quite often! Stop wasting money!

The Time and Attendance Solution

Employees typically show up to work, take their breaks, and then leave for the day all by the honor system. Employers relay on their staff to be honest which is the completely wrong approach. Employers need to provide a system that does not give them an option! It is the same as how you behave differently when you believe someone is watching. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system uses biometric technology. This means when they arrive to work and leave they place their finger down to record their time. So right off the bat you know no one is covering for each other. No one showed up late and no one is padding hours. They have no option to do that! MinuteHound keeps employees honest by design. Even if the boss is away, the employees cannot play!

How To Get The Best Time and Attendance Solution

MinuteHound sounds great right, but what is the cost? How does $1.00 per employee sound! You only pay for your current staffing levels so you’re never locked into anything. This time and attendance system is different because you don’t pay upfront for a product that will collect dust and be outdated in the 1st year. Instead, you pay per month with lifetime support and updates. No cancellation fees either, so use it as long or short as you need. You are never locked into anything. Best way to see how this system works is to start using it. Contact MinuteHound today in order to get your hands on the best time and attendance on the market!

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