Time Tracking Employees in The Workplace

Time Tracking Means Time Counts

What time is it? Employers and employees turn to MinuteHound for time tracking. Gone are the days when people clocked in and out by using an old fashioned time clock. The passing of this method has taken with it the often practiced art of employee fraud. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses control their time tracking practices.

Time for a Change
Businesses know it is time to make a change when the payroll costs continue to rise. This is one of the biggest operational expenditures for companies. The MinuteHound time tracking system is designed to be economical and easy to use.

No Training
There is virtually no training required before using MinuteHound. The intimidation factor that generally accompanies change is eliminated because it can be set up quickly. Employees feel comfortable with the system right from the start.

The time tracking is based on a fingerprinting system. Each print is turned into a binary number that is stored in one of several different servers. Employees can feel completely confident that their privacy is protected.

Plug and Go
The ease of setup is what makes it the go to choice for businesses. The USB scanner is plugged into the computer and the software is downloaded. All that is left to do is employee enrollment.

Internet Access
MinuteHound has made keeping track of employees and schedules a remote event. It can be done in real time from any internet based computer. Time tracking problems can be taken care as they happen.

The payroll department appreciates the ability to access employee information quickly. MinuteHound allows them to finish their job faster than ever before. The detailed reports offer managers a complete view of their employees. Companies can feel confident that the information they receive is accurate and up to date.

Saving Money
Fingerprint AttendanceEvery business wants to save money. MinuteHound helps them do that in a variety of ways including using less paper, which makes it economical to use. Going green is reason enough to try MinuteHound, but the cost savings just makes it that much more attractive. Traditional time clocks are costly and inefficient.

Consolidated Reporting
MinuteHound can handle any sized clock in information and payroll. The time tracking system integrates all the information. This works even when there are multiple locations that are operating at the same time.

Order Today

MinuteHound has fast shipping and offer great support. Any upgrades are provided to customers for free. This keeps the state of the art technology up to date. MinuteHound is so confident in the quality of their time tracking devices that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Now is the time to take the business to a whole new level with MinuteHound.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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