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Time Tracking For Every Employee at Every Location

Business owners all over the world are opting to save money on their operating costs with biometric time tracking systems. With Biometric time tracking, you will have real-time tracking for all your employees, wherever their job responsibilities take them. Companies who want the latest in time tracking technology choose MinuteHound.

MinuteHound Time Tracking
The MinuteHound time tracking and attendance system utilizes fingerprint technology. MinuteHound is a paperless, environmentally friendly system. When you rely on our system for your time tracking needs your employee’s clock in and clock out by simply placing a finger on the dedicated MinuteHound scanner. MinuteHound stands far above the biometric competition.

  • Your employees are recognized in less than 2 seconds, on average
  • You are not limited to how many employees are using the system
  • MinuteHound eliminates fraud and can detect forged fingerprints, such as rubber or plastic
  • All information is secured on a dedicated server
  • Around the clock remote support
  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • Free system upgrades
  • Integrates With Your Current System
  • MinuteHound works with your current computer system. The system set-up is uncomplicated and requires no additional training to use. You will save payroll dollars by eliminating the need to have an employee on staff to enter timekeeping information. Your time tracking information can be imported into your current payroll system. With MinuteHound time tracking, you can save two to eight percent on your monthly payroll expenses. MinuteHound technology is a smart business move.

    Why Choose MinuteHound Time Tracking?

    When you choose MinuteHound, your employees will be pleased to know that their fingerprints are not saved and cannot be traced even if your computer is stolen. MinuteHound reports generate automatically. There is no way for your employees to alter their clock-in times. The system promotes an environment of accountability, which is an excellent value for large companies who have employees with part-time supervision or work remotely.

    Scanner-Free Alternative
    While fingerprint technology offers many advantages over your current timekeeping or attendance system, you may prefer an option that does not rely on a fingerprint system. MinuteHound also offers a scanner-free time tracking system. Your staff will be able to clock in or out from any tablet, computer or smartphone. This system will cost less than the biometric system, while still offering the MinuteHound advantage.

    In Denver, Colorado, or anywhere around the globe, MinuteHound offers you the peace of mind you get with an affordable, accurate and reliable time tracking system. When you need an innovative timekeeping solution, you need MinuteHound.

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    Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
    MinuteHound Time Tracking

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