Why and How Employees Constantly Cheat on Their Time Cards

Time Cards Are Easy To Manipulate

Time cards rely on the honor system. They only account for what an employee writes down, compared to the hours that are actually worked. All employees have to do is ask their friends to sign them in or sign them out. There is no way to verify the hours worked unless you have a manager on duty 24/7 watching over the time cards. Technology has changed the world on every front, so why are people still using old fashioned paper time cards? The answer is usually: it is cheap! Paper time cards might be cheap, but in the end it will cost far more than a modern time and attendance system.

What Are The Ways Employees Cheat on Their Cards?

The 2 most common types of cheating are:

1. Fudging Hours
2. Buddy Punching/Time Theft

With paper time cardsall employees have to do is write down they were on time and never left early. They can fudge these type of hours all day and night. Most employees even feel entitled to say they worked an extra few minutes when they didn’t, since they work so hard throughout their shift. Another common form of time theft is having their buddy at work record their time for them. If they are running late, caught in traffic, have to leave an extra few minutes to get home then they will just write down the hours they were supposed to work compared to what they actually worked.

How To Stop Time Theft

Time cards are a thing of the past. MinuteHound has advanced technology with lifetime updates included. MinuteHound has a biometric scanner that replaces the time cards by having employees place their finger down instead of pen and paper. This will first verify their attendance before recording their time. This automatically stops time theft and fraud, as well as common human mistakes. Throw the time cards away and start saving money today!

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