Why Does Time and Attendance Matter? Is Payroll All The Same?

Various Time and Attendance Options

Shopping online for a new time and attendance system can seem daunting. It is like picking out a new car as so many brands, options, and features to choose from. However, biometric time and attendance is what stands out. It is the Porsche of time and attendance systems. Every big company and name brand you have ever heard of is using some form of biometric technology. iPhone allows you to unlock your smart phone with facial recognition. What MinuteHound is doing is having employees clock in/out of work using biometric recognition to record their time and attendance.

The way MinuteHound’s time and attendance system works is quite easy. Employees arrive at work and press their finger down to a scanner, then off to work they go. This will first verify then record. This way, no cheating and no mistakes. No pins or cards to enter. This time and attendance system operates solely on the person’s fingerprint. Friends cannot punch for each other and no one can cheat the system. Biometric time and attendance is foolproof. This will save on payroll expenses but also eliminate time theft, which is money saved everyday. The only way someone can record their time is if they are physically there to do so. No questions and no games, this time and attendance system removes any doubt.

Time and Attendance Assists You Conducting Payroll

Most managers and HR departments dread payroll. They have to look over all the timecards, add it all up, read bad hand writing, and hope they did it all correctly. Not anymore. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system automatically counts everything up for you. No more mistakes or paying someone incorrectly. Having a reliable time and attendance system makes payroll not only easy, but quick. Not all payroll companies handle it the same either. Tons of payroll companies out there, but MinuteHound reports work with them all. Just download the reports from MinuteHound, and import them into your payroll system for quick, fast, and accurate completion. Start saving today!

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