Small Business Solutions: Time and Attendance Keeps Employees In Line

Why Time and Attendance Is Crucial to Small Business

“There is not enough time in the day” is the quote used by many to describe just how busy they are. This is especially true if you own and/or operate a small business. Much of your day is spent improving upon your business in various ways. Almost all of the time is focused on marketing, sales, products, etc. So many business owners forget to look in house as a way to save. Time and attendance is the crutch of any business, large or small. Employees need to get paid. Time and attendance is not a component that should be looked over, it should be the center of the business plan. You would think it would be easy to just pay employees for time worked compared to time they claimed they worked, but it is not. Small business owners are plagued by time theft and buddy punching and always overpaying for work. Now, that time is over.

Avoid Lawsuits and Bankruptcy!

Almost every week there is a story of a big Fortune 500 company being sued over wage/overtime/personnel issues. Time and attendance is vital to any company but to a small business, these lawsuits can cripple them. That is why business owners created MinuteHound; for other business owners. This time and attendance technology is driven to make and hold employees become accountable for their own actions. No more buddy punching. No more time theft. No more human error and common mistakes. Best of all, no more overpaying. This system can prevent lawsuits. Time and attendance is important which is why MinuteHound has thought of everything for you. Just sit back and let this technology do the heavy lifting.

Time and Attendance At Its Finest

MinuteHound offers biometric time and attendance to help and improve employee control. There is no way to cheat this system and no way to get around it. The only way an employee can record their time worked, is if they are physically present to do so. Friends cannot cover for them and they cannot fudge their hours later on. The time and attendance with MinuteHound in place is rock solid and 100% honest and correct. You can feel confident paying them for their time as you will never overpay and will never get cheated again. Try the system now and see for yourself the MinuteHound difference.

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MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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