2019 Is Almost Over! 2020 Is Around the Corner. Why Are You Still Using Paper Timesheets!!

Are you the one still using pen and paper to record your employee time and attendance? It cannot be true! Believe it or not, most employers think this is somehow saving them money when it comes to paper timesheets. That couldn’t be farther from reality! Truth is paper timesheets allow employees to steal time, cover for friends, and make human error a constant. This costs not only money, but time. Technology has literally changed all of this for the better. Just like you cannot unlock your phone without security, you should not be able to log an 8 hour day without proof. That is why MinuteHound developed this time and and attendance technology. Paper timesheets are completely outdated and have no place in today’s work environments. Not only the daily time theft, but taxes and record keeping are painful.

Paper timesheets should be a thing of the past! MinuteHound has created a system where employees show up to work, take breaks, and leave for the day all by pressing their finger to the scanner. Once they do this, they get verified before time is recorded. This way co-workers can’t cover for them and no mistakes can be made. Numbers cannot be fudged or changed and whoever is in charge of payroll has life on easy street! All reports are automated. Crystal clear and can be modified from any web browser. MinuteHound is completely cloud based. Check reports while listening to music and checking emails. It is so easy compared to collecting paper time sheets. Just stop the madness!

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This entire system from MinuteHound costs pennies a day and saves you a ton more. This is not an off the shelf system where it collects dust. You either use it and gain an advantage from it, or simply cancel and stop using it. There are no commitments or long term obligations. It is month-to-month and you only pay for what you need. Don’t ever pay for something you don’t need. Get a solution, not a problem like paper time sheets. Go paperless and save both time and money!

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No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today! TimeClock@MinuteHound.com

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