Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save Money. Crush Time Theft

How Does Time and Attendance Work?

Employees show up to work, take breaks, and then leave for the day all with a touch of a finger. Fingerprint time and attendance from MinuteHound has been around for nearly a decade, with the technology getting better and better over time. The beauty behind it is that employees have to first verify their attendance before recording their time. This process takes out all the guessing games and friends at work covering for each other. Buddy punching and time theft officially come to an end once MinuteHound is on location! Employees will only get paid for the time they actually worked, not the time they wrote down even though they were late or try to leave early.

MinuteHound is super simple as it takes less than 10 minutes to setup. The hardware is a small device that allows employees to record their time. All this data is then transferred to the cloud using 128-bit encryption. Employers can then access this data 24/7 from anywhere in the world to run payroll. Everything is browser based, so any corrections, changes, and editing can be done from anywhere. This process not only cuts down costs, but also saves you valuable time.

Affordable Time and Attendance to Fit Any Budget

MinuteHound’s time and attendance only costs $1 per employee. It scales to fit any budget therefore helping small business owners accurately track their staff. A common myth is that having a small number of employees is easily tracked and no system is needed. However, due to legal reasons not having a system like MinuteHound ends up costing a small business ten fold in the end. Not only for local, state, and federal tax reasons but time and attendance is also needed for any type of wage disputes. Paper and pen or time cards will not cut it. Biometrics will, hence MinuteHound’s fingerprint time and attendance system.

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