How to Properly Track Employees Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Made Easy by MinuteHound

Every business, large or small, faces countless tasks that generate no revenue. One is time and attendance management. Tracking an employee’s clocked hours for correct and prompt payroll is drudgery. Each hour spent on this is a cost that eats into profit. This most hurts small business owners. Automating time and attendance work is the key to cutting this cost. But many products require heavy fees and expensive, specialized equipment.

One offering stands out from the rest. MinuteHound is the low cost, easy-to-use and flexible solution. This cloud-based time and attendance system saves an average of 5% on payroll costs. The software runs on any PC or Mac, iPhone or Android device. It is simple to install and use. Clocking in and out is quick and easy via an inexpensive fingerprint reader. Employees can also use MinuteHound on the web or from a smartphone. Time and attendance data imports into any payroll system. All that means real cost and time savings.

Time and Attendance For Every Business

A key feature is the patented fingerprint scanner. Small and inexpensive, it plugs into any computer with a USB port. The employee just lays a finger on the scanner. The system records the employee’s name, the time and location. 128-bit encryption ensures secure processing. The fingerprint itself is never stored. The original MinuteHound served large firms with multiple locations. Today, a small business can use a single scanner at a fraction of the cost other products charge. Lower cost of time and attendance management means higher profits.

Fingerprint ClockDon’t need a scanner? Using the software alone is even more cost-effective. Employees can clock in and out using any computer or smart device. The record includes the timestamp and IP address for added security. A small business with 20 employees can use MinuteHound for under $25 per month. A one-time scanner purchase is $99. As the business grows, MinuteHound grows too. Scanners are affordable, and expanding the subscription is easy and low-cost. Customers can cancel anytime. A 100% money back guarantee on the scanner cost makes it easy to try out. MinuteHound will even cover the cost of returning scanners.

Time and attendance control using MinuteHound also provides:

– Reporting and management from anywhere via the internet
– Email and text alerts to managers
– Simple setup and use needing no training or learning curves.
– Support available whenever you need it

MinuteHound is the best solution for any business, large or small. Small business gets the best savings. The product is low-priced, easy to use, flexible and powerful. With it, businesses increase profits by cutting wasteful costs. Accurate time and attendance oversight cuts time theft and promotes good morale and teamwork.

Compared with other offerings, MinuteHound is best of the best!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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