Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Time Tracking

Holiday Time Tracking Headaches

Is time tracking at the top of your priority list this holiday season? You probably have other things you want to do this holiday season. Shopping for your own family, decorating your own home, enjoying holiday parties and festivities with your own group of friends. Right? But you have a business to run, and in order to do that you have to add a couple part time employees. Workers in and out, requesting extra time off. You are living the stress.

Give yourself the gift of time with a MinuteHound Time Tracking System
Just a humble opinion. Payroll processing for small business owners can be expensive. Once a business grows to more than nine employees, the costs of payroll processing seems to spread out to a reasonable analysis per employee. If you have less than ten employees you likely feel the pressure. Without MinuteHound Time Tracking, small employers can fall into three (stressed) categories.

Legacy Systems
1) Those with POS systems that incorporate time tracking reports are pretty set. And they should be, because these systems cost a lot! Their return on investment is often several years out. Even longer when they have to constantly pay for system upgrades. No one likes to think about system failures either. When one of these systems crashes, data recovery is a nightmare. And employees don’t easily tolerate waiting for their paychecks during the holiday season.

Manual Time Cards
2) Those with manual time cards don’t enjoy the luxury of automatic time calculations. Ever tried to do base 60 (hours and minutes) math on your base 10 calculator? Errors abound, unless they send their time cards to a paid service. Then it just costs more to subcontract the work. Time tracking for this group is largely based on the honor system. No one likes to think about this either, but honor gets put to the test during the stress of the holidays.

No Control
Why Choose MinuteHound3) Finally, the Guessers. This really doesn’t qualify as time tracking. These businesses usually have three or less employees. They “round” the time to quarter hours under the false assumption that they are saving time/money. In reality, it means they could be paying as much as 140 minutes per week for each employee. Talk about extra costs!

MinuteHound systems are unique and user friendly. Regardless of your current payroll solutions, you can incorporate MinuteHound to save money and totally reduce holiday stress. Time tracking becomes a simple process for you and your employees. The cloud based system provides the highest security and seamless communication for payroll processing. MinuteHound website will calculate your cost savings using their system, but not all costs can be expressed in dollars. Consider giving yourself a “holiday” every pay period.

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