How Time and Attendance Affects Your Bottomline

Time and Attendance Counts

Did you know that the biggest expense for small business owners is labor? That is correct. It is not products, inventory or services offered. Business owners spend more on labor than anything else. That is why time and attendance is so vital and important to small business owners. When every penny counts, so does every second. MinuteHound offers biometric time and attendance that tracks all movement by every employee. Employees show up to work, take their breaks, and leave for the day all by pressing their finger to a MinuteHound scanner. No pens and no paper. No bad handwriting that will throw off the reports. But most importantly, no one is lying. Friends are not covering for each other and no time is being stolen.

Even the employees you believe to be honest will never shortchange themselves. In every poll you will read online, employees believe to be entitled to a full days pay even if they take extra time off. Most admit to stealing time. That is why having an accurate time and attendance system in the workplace is so vital. If you are not there to watch their every move, chances are they are stealing time from you. Time and attendance is in effect from some standpoint, but why have an unfair system? Not unfair to them, but unfair to the business owners. Biometric time and attendance needs to be the staple of your business so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Time and Attendance Rules!

Every company has rules and every employee has to follow them. With MinuteHound time and attendance the rules are very simple: clock in! No more excuses as to why they couldn’t, as with MinuteHound all the employee has to do is press their finger down. No passwords to remember and no cards to carry. Very simple and straightforward. So are the savings. With this time and attendance system you will be saving money on payroll expenses, time theft, and supplies. Try it today and begin a new path to success!

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