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MinuteHound: Making Time and Attendance Tracking More Accurate

Tracking employee’s hours can be a pain, but it’s even more troublesome when employees aren’t playing by the rules or they’re labor is in multiple departments. Accurately tracking time and attendance at stores, restaurants, and other places of business that commonly have hourly employees is important. Without accurate time and attendance tracking, your business could be paying thousands of dollars more in wages than it should over the course of the year. And it’s impossible to know where you need to cut or add labor if you don’t have a record of when an employee switches to another job. Thankfully, with MinuteHound, you can have accurate time and attendance for 2019.

MinuteHound is a time and attendance tracking system that uses employee’s fingerprints to clock them in and out. This means that if an employee is running late, they can’t call and ask their co-worker to punch them in. With password-based systems, an employee can simply tell another employee their password. With the MinuteHound system, each employee must be physically present to clock themselves in. This eliminates a very common type of time theft.

Time and Attendance To Ring In The New Year!

Biometric Time Clock ReviewsAnother frustration of labor tracking is accounting for the many types of jobs that employees do. If you have a restaurant, you likely have a couple of dishwashers, several cooks, a few hosts, many servers, and members of management. All of those positions receive different pay grades, and you might even have a dishwasher who is transitioning to food prep or cook. If your business has several positions, then you need to know how much you’re spending in each department. MinuteHound can help you track all of your employees, regardless of how many roles they play within your business.

Accurate time and attendance tracking can be a real burden, but MinuteHound is set up to take care of all of your problems. And there are all kinds of other features that MinuteHound has to keep data safe. Not only can the system take care of your time and attendance problems, but MinuteHound software is also set up to ensure that everything is paper-free. Information is stored in the cloud, and it is all stored in binary algorithms so you always know information of your employees is safe. MinuteHound is also set up to track the work habits of employees that are working remotely. MinuteHound is an all-around solution to your time-tracking problems for 2019.

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