Why Every Business Needs Modern Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Explained

Employees do not work for free! Life is expensive. Everyone has bills to pay. So they work hard to get that paycheck. However, how do employees get paid? Most likely they get paid by the number of hours they work in any given pay period. So they try to work as many hours as they can to earn those big paychecks! But the big question is how do employers know how many hours to pay them for? Do they just trust their staff to write down the hours, or do they have another system? Truth is if employees are still using pen and paper or timesheets then employers are losing money. Their bottomline is suffering for using out of date technology. Time and attendance is a vital, crucial part of every business. Employees will never shortchange themselves. Friends cover for each other and fraud happens.

Modern time and attendance is so important to your business. Not allowing staff to steal time and fatten their paychecks directly affects all other aspects of a business. Employees who cannot buddy punch or add time to their day means they can only get paid for the hours they actually work. MinuteHound time and attendance does this via modern technology. MinuteHound first makes employees press their finger down on a biometric scanner before they ever record their time. This makes sure no one can add time or cover for one another. This automatically stops employees from adding time.

Is Modern Time and Attendance Complicated?

Not at all! MinuteHound makes time and attendance easy and straightforward. You simply plug the device into your PC, download the software, and enroll your staff. Most business owners are not technically inclined or some sort of technology guru. That is why MinuteHound designed this system so it is foolproof and takes 0 training. There are no manuals for anyone to read or videos to watch and understand. Everything is simple with tech support a phone call should you run into hurdles. Start saving money and take control of your business today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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